Wax Art

Today has felt like Christmas… and I am feeling so truly blessed! I am blown away by the depth of meaning and messages for me embedded on many levels of the beautiful wax art piece you did for me. As I opened it up and saw it a word popped in to my head ‘rebirth’… and my first thought and message was that of rebirth for me. Then as I looked at it in awe, initially viewing it from one way up, I saw how the lines and colours formed an image to me of mountains and layers and could see clearly how it reflected my journey thus far. I started to cry. It was like suddenly being enfolded in a Divine embrace and being told by Spirit ‘we know… the journey has been challenging and long… but look how far you have come… look at where you are now!’ Not only could I see my past and present in it, but could sense the resonance of my future.  A little later I turned it on its side and was amazed at how I suddenly saw a different image… and this time I could sense its movement… as if seeing a moving image and I could even hear it… I could sense and hear music from it! The vibration and embedded messages for me within were really special… about my role, about my work of service, about those that work with me in Spirit… I could go on… as to the amount of information in there for me. I have placed it somewhere where I can see it every day and so far every time I walk past I smile and feel so happy. I plan to spend some time connecting in with it more deeply and seeing what other gifts it has for me, but have been truly amazed at how much I have received from it already. Thank you so much! You have a unique and special gift and I am so grateful to have found you!

– A.M. – England

Acrylic Art

I wanted to thank you for the painting you did in alignment with the intention that it be for my Greater Good. I was not sure what to expect at all, and now several weeks on I am still finding it holds new insights and awareness’s for me. I love the fact it is both an actual painting of a landscape but also is a healing and inspiring message from Spirit for me. I have found it quite thought provoking and find myself, each time I look at it, reflecting about my journey and my work and who I am. As I look at it again now whilst writing this, I am aware how it almost feels like a friend. A wise and unconditionally loving friend, by my side, asking me questions about what it is I want and where do I think I have been and why, and also highlighting my options for my future. It is quite bizarre actually. I have not had that feeling before with a painting. It is so much more than a painting. It has this resonance almost of a Being of Light embedded in it. What I mean is it’s like a portal of communication between myself and another Being of Light that I know has been with me, by my side, and knows what I have been experiencing and also knows my intentions and where I am headed now. Goodness… how amazing is that! So grateful! Thank you!

  • Amber – UK

Healing session with Light Language

That healing was really beautiful! So gentle and loving and I could feel myself as if floating as each part of my physical body seemed to melt away to the point where I felt as if ‘here’ but could only sense my energy body, not my physical body. The channelled Light Language that came through you during the healing is truly lovely. Whenever I listen to it it’s like being bathed in Love, a nurturing all loving motherly sort of feeling. It feels like home. I am sure as I continue to listen to it over time it will continue healing and helping me further. Blessings and gratitude.xxxxx

  • Anya – England