People sometimes say that when they look at a beautiful piece of art… at a painting… that they can ‘lose themselves’ in it.  In many ways I believe that in my artwork people can actually ‘find themselves’ in it. By this I mean that my artwork assists you on your journey of becoming and remembering the true you and bringing you back to a harmonious and Light-filled state of being. It assists you in acknowledging and bringing forth those parts of you that perhaps have, to some extent, remained hidden or untapped. If there are parts of you in need of healing or transmutation, then my artwork can facilitate this. It can bring to your attention those parts in need of recognition and release. It can assist you in consciously and unconsciously addressing any areas of your Being that wish for healing and are ready to be activated or transmuted.

My encaustic (wax) and acrylic paintings are self-taught and channeled through me. Encaustic painting derives from the Greek work enkaustikos which means to burn in referring to the process of fusing the paint. It involves using beeswax to which coloured pigments have been added. I am used as a vessel for channeling the gift of healing through art. I love playing with colour and seeing the flow. Some of my art contains activation codes. Others are embedded with a healing vibration that emanates out of the art towards the viewer.

I also offer original bespoke artwork. These I do in alignment with the intention agreed and set by yourself or simply with the intention for that which will assist you most at this time to come through me for you. I always trust what comes through. There is no need to consciously understand what comes through, as I know the vibrational resonance and healing qualities of the art are there and embedded within each piece of artwork. With some pieces it is more obvious, and straight away my art will speak to you and you will know and feel what is being spoken, activated or healed within you. At other times it will take longer to be aware on a conscious level what is taking place and why. Either way, I know and trust that this will take place, at the appropriate level, speed and timing for you.

I see my artwork as multi-layered healing portals. They have the potential to assist you on every level. They can assist you to acknowledge and remember on a conscious level who you truly are and why you are here. They also facilitate conscious shifts such as forgiveness and unconditional love. They can bring to the fore of your consciousness those areas that are calling out for attention or release in some way. They can initiate new paths and foster inspiration, insight and clarity.

On an energetic level they can be a catalyst for activations, downloads, healing and release. They can trigger the embracing and integrating of new high vibrational energies, in particular, the Christ Consciousness vibration and the vibration of Divine Love of your Soul.