About me

Cosmic Love

All of the Creator within my Being

I am an ambassador and scribe of the Light Language and Cosmic Love.

All that I do and perceive is born from love and shared in love and joy, manifested from the seat of love from within my Soul and in accordance with the Divine Will of the Creator. As a Light Seed Traveler I desire to be of upmost service to myself and others and to live my highest light.

We all come with many gifts to assist in the shift into New Earth Consciousness. I am an ambassador and scribe of the Light Language and Cosmic Love. I am an anchor and synthesis for the Heart Chakra Frequency (Universal Heart Chakra).

"Discover the true power and wisdom of love and the truth held within love. Remember you are the source of every experience in your reality."

Universal Heart Chakra

Gift of life

The Love of Creation

By ‘Universal’ meaning the Universe of the Creator, a Heart Chakra that is All of the Creator within my Being. I honor and assist those that are on their journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. I support them in aligning with their I AM and their truth. I encourage them to experience oneness and pure love. I support them in being their complete aspect of the Creator and to recognize that everything around them is the Creator. I am also assisting Archangel Raphael to bring through new advanced healing vibrations and techniques to assist many.

Through my work of service, I endeavor to be a clear and pure vessel for Source. I support the development, anchoring and embodiment of the Christ Consciousness Light. It is an active love vibration that has nothing to do with religion and religious belief. Like me it is an extension, an aspect of the Creator. As an embodiment of the Core of the Christ Consciousness, I am essentially the mind and the heart of the Creator, the pure consciousness, pure love of All That Is. It is the true consciousness for humanity. It is a very pure vibration from the core of the Creator.    

It encourages us to be love and to act in love whilst recognizing the multiple levels of love within our Beings. It reminds us of who we are and of our truth. It is our true consciousness, the original intention for humanity. I also support the synthesis of the vibrations of the Divine Mother and Divine Father (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine). Through my Light Language channeling, I share the wisdom of Love, the gift of Light and the Divine Will of the Christ Consciousness. Through my art, I inspire, reawaken and heal on many levels, those that are open to it.

Energy work

My Commitment

Through my energy work, I am able to facilitate the healing process on a quantum level and empower others on their own individual paths of healing and awakening. Please see the individual pages for more information of each of the services I offer at this time.

My commitment is to be of true service to Mother/Father/One, Gaia, humanity and all beings. In my role as a healer and catalyst for change, for self-mastery, I am supported by my I AM Presence Circle of One Team and numerous consciousnesses, by the Goddess Beings, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, Star Civilizations, the Company of Heaven and the Creator.

New Earth Consciousness

I am so grateful for my part in bringing through and sharing the gifts of healing, Cosmic Love and Light. I come to you through pure love and pure oneness holding love as my prime focus. I hold the belief and totally agree with Master Kuthumi that through love, wisdom is born. Humor and joy are also essential energies on this journey. We are all wonderfully blessed, and I feel this truth so deeply and clearly within me on every level. May you awaken your infinite loving power and experience the infinite aspect of your Soul, Soul group and the Universe and shift into New Earth Consciousness with ease and grace.

We are love! We are Gaians as one family of Mother Earth and part of the Universe of the Creator. Let us join our Multi-Galactic Family.
Discover the true power and wisdom of love and the truth held within love. Remember you are the source of every experience in your reality. What do you wish to experience? Which reality do you choose? Be the body and embodiment of true love and oneness.

Cosmic blessings of Love, Bliss & Fulfillment,

Lia Livani