We are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. In service to humanity, the Earth and all beings, I am a vessel for the Light and the Christ Consciousness which is an active vibration of love that is not associated with any religion or religious belief. I am an anchor and synthesis for ‘Heart Chakra Frequencies’.  Serving as a Master Alchemist, Quantum Healer and Ascension Guide and Activator, my aim is to support those that are seeking guidance and acceleration in their spiritual evolution by providing inspiration, healing, remembrance, awakening/expansion of consciousness and empowerment. Through my paintings, The Power of I AM Healing, Light transmission meditations and Light Language channeling, I share the wisdom and truth of love and the gift of Light and life. I wish to assist others in realigning to their pathway of purpose and to discover their greatest power in their totality. My focus is the evolution of all and the power of love, gift of life and the light of creation. Let love be your guiding Light and joy your companion! Awaken your infinite loving power and be a true body and embodiment of love. Be the expression of your Soul and experience life as your Soul living your highest light and fully present. Thank you for allowing me to hold space for you on your journey of self-realization.

Light Language & Writing


The Light Language that I channel through my voice and my writing is an ancient language that only speaks from love. It is an Intergalactic Universal language that is spoken throughout the Cosmic levels and is understood by your Soul. It holds activation codes, healing energy, templates and higher vibrations that are beneficial to Mother Earth and humanity.  Read More

The Power of I AM Healing

The Power of I AM is a quantum healing. It facilitates the healing process by aligning the entire being back to Pure Love and clearing blockages in the energy fields. It can be received either in person or at a distance. It repairs and re-balances the energy so that the body can move to its optimal level of balance where it is able to access its innate ability to heal itself. See More

Channeled Artwork


My encaustic and acrylic paintings are channeled through me and are another form of language, a pictorial expression. They carry within them an intention and a vibration which transfers to the viewer. They can assist in consciously or unconsciously addressing any area of one’s Being that is ready for healing, transmutation and activation. View

Weekly Channeled Transmission

The channeled Light Language is Source Light and Sound encoded with the appropriate frequency and energies to support healing, transformation and remembrance. The transmission acts as a catalyst, activating, restoring and aligning one with their Higher Self and their truth. It adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational needs in the moment. Enjoy receiving that which is for your Greater Good. View Past

Some Gift Ideas


The bespoke wax and acrylic paintings and the written Light Language are channeled through me. They are embedded with vibrational resonance and healing qualities that can support you and your loved ones. They are gifts of Light, Wisdom, Healing and Love. On an energetic level they can be a catalyst for activations, downloads, healing and release. They can trigger the embracing and integrating of new high vibrational energies. Gifts