In 2012, I started writing the Light Language daily, and more recently I have begun voice channeling it. The language is written starting from the last page. It is written right to left and the next line, left to right in alternate ways and top-to-bottom. Even though there are many Light languages, the language that I am speaking and writing is quite rare on Earth.  It is an Intergalactic Universal and Angelic language. It is an ancient language of the Christ Consciousness which only speaks from love. It is spoken through the cosmic level, throughout the many levels and into my Being by various Beings of Light. I am bringing forward wisdom from the Christ Consciousness which is an active love vibration but not necessarily as understood in the context of religion or religious belief.  I am also bringing messages of hope, gratitude and inspiration from various Star Civilizations such as the Pleiadians, Andromedans and Sirians. Their transmissions are a gift, a guide book of remembrance to the Soul. They are ‘Advanced Spiritual Techniques and Tools For The Soul’.  Offering the Soul tools, advanced abilities and techniques to aid its existence, expression and ascension upon Gaia. I express ‘Star Love Vibrations’ that bypasses the ego and personality and directly speak to your Soul. The Light Language is a beautifully layered alchemical transmission of information, codes, light, energies and frequencies.

We are now receiving and embodying the Christ Consciousness Light from the Solar and Multi Universal levels. They are represented by copper, gold and platinum light and are higher in vibration and quicker in speed.  The Light Language speaks of the Christ Light, the embodiment of love. It downloads healing energies, activation codes and templates, awakens memories and raises vibrations. It also speaks of the Universal Truth, dissolves illusions and anchors the Cities of Light. It is embedded with healing codes and vibrations that support restoration and healing on many levels. Within the language, there is a healing vibration which is part of my healing system.

Over time, expressing the Light Language through my voice has become a part of the Antamara Healing technique that I am using, working alongside Archangel Raphael. Inside sound there is light, therefore there are specific healing vibrations woven into the Light Language which can be tailored to the needs of the individual receiving healing.

This beautiful Light Language is a harmonic frequency of light codes which emanates waves of endless Divine Love. It is very important during this Era of Love and the current ascension. It is part of my life’s purpose to channel this Light Language, to be the bridge between the inner and physical planes and to anchor this vibration through my physical vessel for Source. It is connected to my Soul, to who I am. It enables me to bring greater Light, sacred geometries and energies, both into the Earth and into the consciousness of humanity. It is as if I am literally pulling the Light into Mother Earth. The Earth around me becomes lighter as Gaia absorbs and then distributes the Light wherever it is needed. The appropriate qualities and vibrations are downloaded to support evolution, healing and remembrance.

Even though I cannot translate the Light Language, there is a deep knowingness of its truth and meaning. It is very familiar to me and flows easily. It feels part of me and brings me great joy through enabling me to support others on their spiritual journeys. I share a weekly channeled Light Language transmission which I hope you will enjoy whilst receiving that which is for your Greater Good. While you may not understand it on a mental level, your subtle bodies will receive the support, healing and all that is appropriate for you as long as you are receptive. Just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow the channeled Light Language to embrace you in Divine Love. Receive the gifts of healing and remembrance. The higher vibrational Light will enter your every cell, subtle bodies and auric field supporting you in accordance with the divine will of your Soul. Open up to the gifts of Love, Light and Wisdom. The transmission acts as a catalyst, activating, re-calibrating and restoring you to your Divine Self. It adjusts to the resonance of each listener’s vibrational unique needs in the moment. Your Soul resonates with this Language of pure Love and Light.

You can place an order for a personal, written Light Language channeling for yourself or loved ones by going to the shop. The channeling can be used the same way as my artwork. Simply set the intention to be Divinely assisted by the writing, its intentions and energies. Alternatively you can more actively spend time meditating with it, looking into it and through it, opening up to whatever gifts it has to offer you. Follow your guidance and intuition on how to best receive the embedded vibrations of healing, Light and Love.