The Power of I AM Healing

The Power of I AM Healing is an ascension activations and transformational transmissions to dissolve, release and clear outdated mental programming and to help activate and awaken more of the higher mind’s knowledge and wisdom on a multidimensional level. It is the opening to all possibilities on a quantum field. It is the alignment to the highest vibration of love, timelines and experiences and the full embodiment of the higher self. I channel quantum Light Intelligence, pure love frequencies and light encoded activations to ignite ones’ truth, divinity and love – this helps shift and heal energies and soul fractures and enhance ones’ own divine Intelligence and deep sacred connection from deep within. My purpose is to support one in re-aligning to ones’ Ascended Master Self and to the Creator and in doing so supporting the bringing of the ones’ wholeness and fullness. The embodiment of I Am Presence allows one to flourish in all areas; mind, body and soul. Coming into the remembrance of who we truly are!

To do this, I channel Light Language and Heart Chakra Frequency through my multidimensional self. I work as the embodiment of my Circle of One Light Team by connecting from I Am Presence to your I Am Presence through our Higher Heart Chakra. I support the alignment of the highest timelines and experiences so that people can experience true prosperity on all levels. Fundamentally, it is about opening one up to receiving higher love vibrations and more abundance whilst allowing for creative, physical, mental and emotional flourishing by anchoring into one’s power and truth. This will allow one to feel fully grounded and present within one’s physical body. This is achieved by remembering who we really are by going deeper within ourselves and reconnecting to our divine truth, light and love essence and to Source – being the Love and Light that we truly are! Being heart centred presence within our vibrant loving light and in the flow of our ascension process and life force energy.

During the session, I transmit Light Language Activations. I will channel Light Language and tones to bring through Light and Love Intelligence, higher consciousness, creative insights, revelations and epiphanies of the higher self. This supports the grounding into ones’ power and genius, brings in codes for heaven on earth and helps one to anchor into ones’ embodiment. It transforms what is ready to be released and activates more of the higher mind knowing. This opens one up to expanded and ascended timelines and states of being where one can align with, and through this one could truly flourish and thrive. The client only needs to be open and listen with their heart to receive the wisdom, Light and Love Intelligence that is coming through for their highest good. This is to awaken higher consciousness, create heart coherence, empower and support the embodiment of their highest light. For more information click on Light Language Transmission

I also use Heart Chakra Frequency Healing  – channelled through a Universal Heart Chakra within me. Heart Chakra Frequency Healing is Love Frequencies with strands of light and codes from the rays and light of creations that have become my core energy by synthesising with my Soul. This Universal Heart Chakra unlocks people’s heart so they can open and feel greater levels of self love, understanding, compassion and appreciation for themselves and others. It facilitates healing processes by aligning the entire being back to pure love and by supporting the clearing of blockages and stagnant energies in the bodies and surrounding field. It supports the true acceptance of oneself and the experience of heaven on earth by embodying one’s I Am Presence which opens one up to flow, to flourishing, to abundance, to loving relationships, and to the space of the open heart and oneness. Love is a great healer. If you want to know more please click on Heart Chakra Frequency ​Healing

As an intuitive quantum healer and transmitter of energy, I combine Light Language Activations with Heart Chakra Frequency Healing and other modalities to support shifts and transformational changes. The light transmissions of codes, new templates, activations and  intelligence awaken a deeper sense of multidimensionality of the timelines of Self Mastery. I honour the space we share together and everyone’s personal journey. We are Multidimensional Crystalline Beings of Love existing in physical form on New Earth. Once we are the embodiment of our higher self, everything else flows naturally and our creativity starts to blossom and unfold. We feel lighter, more expansive, more free and empowered. When we are fully present within our physical body and in the now of every now moment, we deepen our connection to Mother Earth, humanity and All That Is The Universe of The Creator. We open up to our gifts and our soul’s purpose. We align to the Divine Plan of the Creator and we are in the flow of our ascension process. If you want support with the ascension shifts and process book a session by clicking: The Power of I Am Healing – One-one session, 60 minutes for £95

I also offer session bundles. I do a package of 3 sessions for those who want to feel nourished and supported on their own individual Ascension journey. This package might be more sustainable and often gives for a more long lasting effect and benefit of the work by working from multiple angles – therefore a greater igniting of their soul, greater awareness, more shifts and integration, harmony, vitality and balance through receiving support for their continued expansion of consciousness and for their whole being.

Here is more information about the Heart Chakra Frequency Healing. A variety of Heart Chakra Frequencies come forth to me like strands of Light and codes. It is my purpose to be an anchor and a synthesis for them by grounding them into Mother Earth and humanity. Numerous Beings across the Universe of the Creator are sending me the most pure and highest vibrations of Heart Chakra Frequency. These Heart vibrations, Heart Chakra Frequencies come from many sources such as the Heart Chakra of the Creator, the Heart Chakra of Elementals, the Heart Chakra or core energy of the Goddesses, the Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Angelic Kingdom and Star Beings. It is as if I connect with and collect the entire love vibration of all of the Universe and I create or form a new Universal Heart Chakra. By ‘Universal’ meaning the Universe of the Creator, a Heart Chakra that is All of the Creator within my Being.

This Heart Chakra, Love Frequencies and strands of the Universe of the Creator, has become my core energy and has synthesized with my Soul. It was described to me by Archangel Metatron if you can imagine a fan of millions strands of Light then a central energy where the Light and Love of the Creator flow. They can be expressed in many ways through sound, images, words and through the expression of energy. It is also my mission to align all Beings back to Pure Love by aligning every part of their Being to the vibration of Love. Of course, it is dependent upon their willingness to accept Love. The Power of I AM as a Heart Chakra Frequency Healing is a beautiful and powerful energy.

I was asked by Archangel Raphael to work with him as he has healing techniques, energies and consciousness that he wishes to distribute through me to the Earth and others. He also wishes to develop a new healing technique that I am to share, teach, distribute and advise others to experience. The Angelic vibration upon the inner planes is really developing beyond that which humanity can actually acknowledge. At the moment, the conscious awareness and understanding of humanity about the Angels and Archangels is somewhat limited. Therefore there is a need to bring forward this expanded and new knowledge and the novel way in which the Archangels can serve humanity. Archangel Raphael is merging his healing energies with my cells, my Soul and my consciousness so that I become a synthesized energy of my Soul and that of Archangel Raphael. As I allow his energies, the energy of the Angelic Kingdom and that of the Creator to flow through my Being, new insights and guidance are allowing for greater progression towards instant healing and self-healing. A portal has been created through which the healing of the synthesized energy of my Soul, and that of Archangel Raphael, is being distributed and anchored. This portal is a sanctuary, a centre where new ways of healing, inspiration, and wisdom concerning healing are available to all Beings that wish to anchor into and experience. Do visit it if you wish. It is expansive and filled with the Light of the Creator.

The Power of I AM Healing accelerates the healing process by clearing blockages in the energy fields on all levels, repairing and re-balancing and realigning energy so that the body may move to its optimal level of balance from where it is able to access its innate ability for self-healing. It facilitates the releasing of limitations and illusions whilst allowing for the appropriate shifts to take place. It promotes the synthesis with the super consciousness and the expansion of the heart consciousness so that transformative love and full presence can be experienced. It aligns every part of the being back to the vibration of Love. It can also support those who are on their journey of self-discovery and fulfilment in aligning with their truth and purpose. It encourages them to become one’s truth. It can also aid them in the embodiment of the higher aspect of their Soul. Soul group and the Creator.  As the practitioner, I act as a vessel for the Light and Love of the Creator to flow through me, supporting the Greater Good of those who are open in aligning with the will of their Higher Self and Divine Plan of the Creator. Working directly with energy influences the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to be restored. Clients can experience harmonious states of well-being. For the session itself clients must be laid down and ensure they won’t be disturbed. They often find it appropriate to relax for a while following a session in order to allow the integration of the energy work to continue. Drinking water and resting are recommended as they allow the body to integrate the new energies and eradicate unneeded energies and toxins.

During the healing session I might be guided to use the Light Language and movement especially of the hands.  Through movement shapes of sacred geometry and light templates are created. Through the Light Language unique healing codes and vibrations are expressed. Both the Light Language and the expression of movements support, enhance and empower the healing process. They have the ability to assist with healing and restoration on all levels, whilst simultaneously activating codes. It supports the development, anchoring and embodiment of the divine active love vibration and the expansion of the heart consciousness. It encourages you to be the complete aspect of your being and of the Creator. It raises your consciousness and reveals to you your own gifts and truth. It helps you to adjust to the new energies and shift taking place at the moment.